An Appetite for Data: Analytics for Students, Faculty and Deans
Recorded Webinar

Blackboard Analytics ● 300 Redland Ct # 210, Owings Mills, MD 21117 ● (623) 476-1400 ●
Presented by: Dr. Terry Herman, Director - Distance Education and Alternative Learning, Zane State College

Zane State, like many institutions, was looking for ways to increase student engagement and retention.  This need was amplified by a proposed shift in funding for Ohio's public colleges and universities which rewards student success and completion.

To help drive these rates, Zane State College piloted the use of Blackboard Analytics for Learn with a group of faculty, students and Deans in spring semester, 2013.

Register for this webinar to learn about the recent results of these efforts, view examples of Zane State's student reports and dashboards, and hear the overwhelming response from students, faculty and Deans to the pilot.