Fast-Tracking Data Warehousing, Dashboards and Analytics (University of Richmond)

Kathy Monday, Chief Information Officer
Troy Boroughs, Director of Systems and Networks
Mike Koontz, Data Warehouse Architect

With a new President driving a new strategic plan for the University of Richmond, a new decision support system was essential to measure the institution's strategic metrics (Dashboards, KPIs and analytics).

This session will share the University's experiences and its successful "fast-tracking" of its data warehousing, dashboards and analytics implementation.  CIOs, enterprise application managers, Institutional Research professionals, report writers and anyone who provides information for decision making will find the content of this webinar relevant.

Part 1: Overview presented by Kathy Monday, CIO
.  A review of options explored by the University of Richmond, to support informed, data-driven decision making, ultimately leading to the institution's "fast tracking" of its analytical needs.
Total Time: 8 min.

Part 2: Solution Evalutaion Process presented by Troy Boroughs
.  A discussion of the University of Richmond's review of the iStrategy HigherEd Analytics solution, the University's decision process, key players in that process, and the actual "fast-track" time line for its data warehousing and analytic solution.
Total Time: 9.5 min.

Part 3: Technology "Nuts and Bolts" presented by Mike Koontz.  A review of the unique technological benefits of the Blackboard Analytics solution, as concluded by the University of Richmond, that enabled the University's successful fast-tracking of its data warehouse and analytics.
Total Time: 13.5 min.

Part 4: Summary and Q&A.  Lessons learned by the University of Richmond team, planned next steps for the University to expand its use of data analytics, and select Q&A, discussing how University end users are utilizing the solution today and a review of internal resources involved in its implementation.
Total Time: 6 min.
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