Effective Academic Decision Making (Montgomery County Community College)

Dr. Stephen Grieco
Chief Administrative Officer, West Campus & Dean of Arts and Humanities

Total time: 44 minutes

This webinar will discuss how student data analytics can be used to make better informed decisions pertaining to Academic Affairs.

Academic Affairs leaders strive to administer the best possible student programs across a variety of disciplines. This overarching goal calls for timely operational decision making, such as optimizing course and facility utilization for upcoming semesters, combined with strategic planning, such as planning future degree and course offerings available by campus, to ensure alignment with student success.

A robust student data analytics system is an essential resource for Academic Affairs leaders to make effective operational and strategic decisions. Dr. Stephen Grieco will brief you on specific areas of Academic Affairs in which Student Analytics is enabling improved institutional performance.

Montgomery County Community College has been honored as the top technologically-advanced community college in the nation for 2008 and 2009.

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