Blackboard Analytics for Enrollment Management and Financial Aid

This 60-minute, no cost webinar explores the integration of financial aid, enrollment and admissions data to impact decision making.

As optimizing enrollment strategies, managing discount rates and increasing net tuition becomes more complex and intertwined, the need for integrated and actionable financial aid and student information increases.  See how Blackboard Analytics is empowering enrollment management and financial aid offices to answer strategic questions related to admissions yield, retention and award level analysis by implementing a packaged analytics application.  The Blackboard Analytics solution enables self-service access to information and can be quickly deployed and cost-effectively customized to meet an institution’s unique requirements.

During this session, viewers will:
- Gain insight into how financial aid, awards, admissions, and enrollment data can be turned into actionable information
- Explore the varieties of operational and strategic financial aid decision-making challenges faced by peer institutions
- Discover the value of Blackboard Analytics' proven, pre-packaged data models, metrics, and reports, already integrated with leading ERP systems
- View a demonstration of the Blackboard Analytics Financial Aid module in action

Phil Adams, former VP of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at Mt Mercy University – currently Director of Services for Blackboard Analytics

Who should watch?
Institutional professionals with leadership roles, both at the executive and functional levels (including financial aid, enrollment management, admissions, finance, and institutional research), as well as anyone seeking to improve institutional effectiveness through the active use of data analytics.

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