Actionable Analytics that Meet Student and University Needs
Recorded Webinar

Presented by: Corey Cardoza, Director of Information Services, CSU - Stanislaus

This session will detail Cal State University - Stanislaus’ use of analytics to make better, data-informed decisions – particularly in the areas of improving enrollment management, financial reporting, and student graduation rates.

Tasked by the Cal State University System to increase its student success, satisfaction and retention rates, CSU - Stanislaus needed an effective way to better help its students progress towards graduation.  At the same time, the state of California was facing a budget crisis, and the University needed an efficient way to both track enrollment and report against state legislature goals.

As a means of addressing these issues, CSU - Stanislaus transitioned from complex ERP transactional reporting to Blackboard Analytics, utilizing the following:
  • Student Management 4.1 and Pyramid Analytics BI software – to shift from manual enrollment processes to ‘push of a button’ automated reports and ad-hoc analysis.
  • Academic analytics via an Analytics for Learn pilot program – to fill the gaps between faculty and student expectations, streamline remediation and probation programs, and improve student success and satisfaction
  • Financial Management analytics – to automate reporting and improve focus on support services
  • Academic Financial analytics – to estimate the direct cost of instruction, and compare course costs and revenues over time 
Learn about the University’s original selection process for analytics, its steps for driving implementation and adoption of new systems on campus, and the progress of its Learning Analytics pilot.  In addition, view other real-life examples of how the Warriors are applying Blackboard Analytics to discover new insights that increase the success of its academic and administrative programs.

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